Sunday, 18 September 2016

Metro Sexed


Others, like yourself, still do not know
Your real qualities, and yet if you were to
Stand out, out of it, objective, take account
You'd see clear, that it is she feeds off you

Like a leech, that parasite, your wife, or
Is it your husband, for the metrosexed, as
They suck the red blood of their needy others,
Gloat that the gendered world is impotent

Now - a delusion you have done nothing to
Undermine let alone correct and destroy -
As your need: comfort, solace, weakens you as
You're disarmed, a potent gun took in thrall.

-Dec 28, 2015 on Facebook

Windows Of Compassion


The appreciation, even
fellow-feeling of the winged fantail
for the winged gnat it snaps from
the air; that is worth sitting
and considering.

The intense consideration
the shimmering-winged kestrel gives
to a sunbaking skink, edging from the grass,
is like a mother's love for a moment,
a near holy thing.

The keen appreciation
the fox has in raising its pointed nose to the winds
could have you thinking it was an artistic connoisseur
in love with the nuances of
movement in the air.

The way the raging ocean approaches
the shore, breaking to waves on its knees, self lessening,
could be a lesson in humilty, in self put aside, if it was not
for its sure and steady gnawing at cliffs,
eating lands away.

September 19, 2015 on Facebook

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Trumpeter Drake's Tale


Donald Trump, a man duck born in Queens
Didn't care what the p.c. thought that means
But went ahead and said whatever he thought
Spent his excess wealth: an electorate bought;
Outbid the pundits and cartooned the Greens.

The Grievance Bearers


They come like i-devices, pre-loaded
with grievance, heavy-loaded with many grievances
as if these were the default
applications of the many human souls bereft
of their main connection.

They come, a whole population loaded with
so very many grievances like
people well balanced to black humour by so many chips as if
epaulets on the shoulders with which
they shove all others of prior functionality aside.

When the grievance bearers dominate we will then have
our right democracy of full grievance!
as if this becomes us; as it does, a malfunctioning cellular growth
budded out of who we thought we
were - once we lost the way back to acknowledging

the primal grief.

The Enigma is Care-Born Hatred


Too much cure; pampering, a too
Lenient we, too great an application

Of care; it's like saving antibiotics
Overdone by granting too frequency

Creates biotic Resistance. So
This climate of the therapeutic,

This capital comfort is what foments
These home-grown self-hatreds

Breeding a murderous terrorism:
Out of some deep viral helix that

Screws in like biopoesis; the Black
Holes of that unplanetary gravity

Hid beneath the ordinary conceit
Of our fatal human inadmission

Wabi Sabi Recipe


A burn-used
of mild steel
a long time
unwashed after
so it is now rimmed
in rust
making red
silhouettes of the last stir fry
the stove's green gas flame
like a meal print
long set
and gone cool by now
and then thrown with the scatter
but unfilled
with half a dozen blue mouldering
of dry curled bread
with multigrains
that would grow if they had not
been baked
like no restaurant plate
and yet a surprising
catch of
the here and now of the vegetative eye
with its last residues
of lost

* * *

Oscar Winning Performance


The old split log fence pickets are bone set awry now
like teeth spavined from a long clenched elder jaw

still performing a millennium-championed function
as they yet keep the passing cattle and asses at bay

though more by habit than by putting them to test,
but the line they kept so long is now braced by trees

whose backs yet thicken to these inclement weathers
as much as the bark blocks anything like ears in want

not to hear passing speeches at the Oscars, to remain
deaf as post and pickets do and quite blind to celebrity.